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Impact Mapping

“An hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing”

In every business, it is necessary to plan ahead of each aspect that can affect business in any possible way. So businesses must plan regarding product development, techniques to use for development, the impact is going to form in the market, its supply chain, team impact and working, and a lot more. More detailed and flexible planning more beneficial it will be. In agile this concept of planning is thoroughly understood and taken care of. One of the examples and beneficial planning of agile is impact mapping.

In some parts of our life, we have faced that situation at work that everyone within the team is moving in a different direction. Missing the alignment within a business and IT resulting it to confusion in the team about the final impact they are creating with their work. This problem which creates chaos in team members can be solved with impact mapping.

Impact mapping is a strategic planning technique used to transfer the business goals into the actionable user stories that enterprises work upon. Impact mapping supports aligning the business outcomes to developing a feature that can provide us a product-providing functionality.

Impact mapping can be used for

  • Ideating a product, to know if the feature we have an idea about is worth developing or not.

  • Helps in making decisions on proposed feature set or in finalizing features

  • Helps in aligning business goals along with strategies hence the actionable plans for reaching the goals

  • Vision the technical deliverables will be created once introduced in the market

  • This helps in creating product backlogs, roadmaps, and also in prioritizing the backlog items.

Creating an Impact map

The very first requirement of creating an impact map is it must collaborate with business and IT professionals in a workshop. The workshop can be conveniently arranged as one or two days continuous or a series of 2 hours regularly for multiple days. Before starting the workshop we must answer the four questions to ensure that we have everything we need:

For what benefit we are building this product?

-It will help to answer about achieve the goal we are setting with this product.

How can this help us in achieving the goal that we have set?

-In impact mapping, we named such persons or individuals as an actor. These actors may include the customers or companies who will also work as customers in indirect ways. So here we will call out all possible Actors to verify if any specific deliverables their impact can provide us required for success.

How is the impact a product is having on the actors?

-This question will also answer our customer’s behavior regarding our product which we want to change to achieve the goals we have set with it.

What we can do to support change in actors’ behavior?

-We need to come up with the ideas features and deliverables to create the impact we require on our actors or customers.

Once these fundamental questions are answered we move towards prioritizing the features based on what to be built first and then the next one. It is like creating a roadmap for the six months or a year deliverables.

With this done we now can know all the details like what needs to be changed, what kind of people change must happen and also are we going to achieve the goals we have set. Hence this is what the impact map does.

The impact map surfaces the assumptions, ensures and aligns our assumptions are and gives us the vision to verify the impact it will cause for our business.

In business, it is about making an impact as quoted, “Without impact, innovation is just an idea with promise.” So it is always better to map the product impact and make sure which idea to be carried forward and prioritized.

About Advance Agility

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