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How to Strengthen Liberating Structure Principles?

Updated: 5 days ago

The liberating structure has gained quick popularity in agile and scrum due to its easy and simple adaptive methods which provide way more benefits than any other technique. Liberating structure helps scrum teams to improve interactions within the team and bring organizations forward towards success. There are almost 35 liberating structures which we will discuss in detail in our upcoming articles. With any structure or system, its principles are the main points in making them work and gain the output.

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In our previous article ‘Liberating Structure Principles for Scrum Teams’, we have discussed the ten principles of liberating structure which help scrum teams in following the valued practices without any barriers. While implementing a liberating structure and its principles one must also learn various ways to strengthen them so that the implementation is completed with a guarantee and there should not be any loopholes or chances of a break. So today we will provide you with some tips to strengthen the ten principles of liberating structure.

Have spontaneous networking during daily scrum which includes standard optional questions. Be focused on sprint goals while having optional questions. What work I did that helped me to meet the sprint goal? What I can do further to reach sprint goals? Try using 1-2-4-all many times to identify problems and improvement during the sprint retrospective. Use various techniques like 25/10 crowdsource, for rapidly generating ideas. During sprint review ask stakeholders and team to share ideas with scrum team for features.

Get help and practice from colleagues; During sprint retrospectives set a rapid round of consultation asking for help and getting advice immediately. By using the entire team's wisdom to overcome the shared challenges. By inviting management, stakeholders and various teams to a workshop try to solve persistent problems one at a time. With the help of the heuristic method that includes a sequence of careful listening, clarifying questions, confronting questions, and then advising the solution.

Arrange interviews for spontaneous momentum, an insight that shows positive change, and uncover hidden success stories. This will help in combined learning, produce constructive energy, and gives valuable insight to participants. While sprint review gives everyone a chance to share their experiences, personal stories, and challenges. Also, try all the above and ask members who feel not heard. This will help in building trust and respect among each other.

With UX Fishbowl, Shift, and share, a 15% solution-like liberating structure we can create an environment where team member can show their ideas, product, experiences, and issues, and gain feedback. Making everyone learn a lot from them. These methods are like smaller steps but will trigger a big change. Even carrying out such activities doesn’t take much time. As a scrum team using this method including stakeholders, management and other higher will help in building shared support and understanding.

Try to create a transparency of paradoxical realities that exist side by side. So that by accepting both realities scrum team can engage in deeper strategic thinking and discover new possibilities. This questioning and being aware of themselves will also help scrum team members to find local solutions and best practices after analyzing potential solutions instead of giving up. Create resilience by being certain of the uncertainties. This will allow the scrum team to check the viability of current strategies, building the capacity to respond quickly to future challenges.

With liberating structures like WINFY (What I need from you), Min specs, and integrated autonomy brainstorm all available options and narrow them down to achieving a purpose. Use these methods to achieve the most important tasks that will help in reaching sprint goals, to list out the requirement that is needed for sprint goals, and go with the most possible solution providing freedom to act specific and visible.

Understand what is going on; understand the impediments and possibilities to resolve them with help of three steps what you notice, what that means, and where to step forward from there. While doing so also make sure you have the answers to hidden resources, and steps for tapping those resources during kick-off and reboot of scrum teams making them visible to individuals or management who help you when stuck.

While implementing liberating structure and their principle with full strength you can make scrum teams more effective in collaboration, strategy making, problem-solving, and many more benefits you can only imagine of.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jake Goodall

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