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How to Lead an Enterprise Lean Agile Transformation; Learn Implementing SAFe with SPC Certification

Updated: Apr 13

Before discussing how to lead an enterprise with Lean-Agile Transformation, let’s identify how this management approach helps drive a successful cultural shift by Implementing SAFe frameworks in large enterprises.

Enterprises to implement Lean thinking with Agile Manifesto, the leaders and SAFe practitioners must cultivate a Lean-Agile mindset which denotes a combination of beliefs, actions, and attitudes that plays the foundation for adopting transformation and applying SAFe principles and practices within the organization.

Lean-Agile transformation is a change of mindset model for an organization to improve agility by applying Lean practices and values to tackle the changing environment. It is about changing the complete cultural mindset of the people involved in the process for healthy agility.

What are the benefits of applying Lean-Agile practices in an enterprise?

The Lean-Agile approach comes under different software development methodologies. Lean Agile practices are developed to support agile approaches and software development methods to increase the scalability of an enterprise or large firm. Some of the benefits of adopting lean thinking are:

  1. Lean agile encourages shorter lead time without compromising on quality.

  2. It makes sure that every team member and material is being utilized to reduce waste and cost.

  3. Lean agile management process ensures companies have the right amounts of materials and employees to continuously eliminate waste to deliver a quality product to customers.

  4. Lean thinking emphasizes significant tasks to bring the most value to the customer. The elimination of waste becomes easier with the Lean-Agile approach.

  5. In basic terms, Lean-Agile helps identifying the tasks and activities that don’t provide value to the system.

Leading an enterprise with Lean-Agile transformation

The Lean-Agile approach is all about people. It solaces the fact that culture is a human need. Culture empowers people to improve their practices towards better ways of working. In enterprises, for positive change to occur, the leaders should change first and lead the team with a performance-centric environment and implement SAFe values and principles to perceive winning results.

The foundation for every business to succeed is providing value. Thinking from the customer’s point of view is the key to a business to flourishing in the market. And becoming aware of the end goal matters a lot.

The leaders or the business owners to bring the Lean-Agile methodology into effect can consider applying the five core principles of the Lean-Agile approach. They must focus on identifying value, planning the value stream, maintaining the workflow, pulling the system for growing inventory and seeking perfection, and not settling for the same old plans.

Lean thinking can be achieved through taking up courses like LPM. LPM is the Lean Portfolio Management course designed to help agile team members prepare mentally for accepting different cultures necessary to evolve as an organization. This course helps you to learn how to connect portfolio strategy to agile planning while maintaining funds and processes.

People responsible for Lean-Agile transformation

Managers, executives, and other leading members are responsible for driving and sustaining organizational and operational excellence to achieve their highest potential. Leaders simply learning about lean practices is not enough in implementing SAFe. Other than only supporting the transformation, they must also actively lead the team to participate in the change that is neither simple nor easy. Organization requires leaders with SPC certification who can skilfully guide, coach, empower and engage individual through Lean-Agile practices. SPC certification is for candidates who possess huge experience with software development and after a course of time wants to Become a SAFe Trainer or a Lean agile leader who can support a team with:

1. Organizing the customer values.

2. Identifying the excess Work in Process (WIP)

3. Inspiring the team members and other leaders of the organization.

4. Continuously eliminating the demotivating policies, overproduction, over-hiring, waste, and delays.

5. Creating a work culture for relentless improvement.

6. Leave space for team members to improve their creativity.

Implementing SAFe with SPC certification

Implementing SAFe with SPC certification is the ideal course for creating such leaders who can set an expected pattern of behaviors that influences other members to make changes in the organizational culture to support Lean-Agile transformation.


By exemplifying the right behavior, leaders can transform enterprises’ culture from power-oriented and rule-oriented to performance-oriented by encouraging a Lean-Agile mindset. Leaders with an agile mindset help reflect the core values of Lean, Agile, and SAFe principles. Their behaviour, words, and thoughts help promote lean-agile practices for Implementing SAFe at its highest value to achieve desired results.


1. How much does Implementing the SAFe approach matter for large enterprises?

Grounded in principles of four bodies of knowledge Lean, Agile, System thinking, and DevOps, SAFe is highly in demand for increasing scalability for large enterprises. Implementing SAFe proved to be the best approach for leaders to maintain a large number of agile teams in a bigger organization.

2. What do you learn with LPM?

LPM teaches you to connect portfolios to enterprises, maintain the portfolio vision and plan, how to design a lean budget for reducing unnecessary costs, how to create a portfolio flow.

3. Is it necessary to become a SAFe trainer to lead enterprises?

Yes, SAFe leaders guide other members to shift from one mindset to another required to acquire certifications that qualify them to become SAFe trainers as they play a crucial part in transforming the entire culture of an organization. Learning about shifting culture is easy but applying is difficult. A skilfully trained leader can only cope with challenges regarding training other team members.

About Advance Agility

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