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Frequently Asked Product Owner Interview Questions

Updated: 4 days ago

Product Owners are the first ones to be hired as their job starts before the product management and development jobs. Even they play the most crucial role in the agile so the right person must be hired for the job.

If you are planning to attend a product Owner interview or planning to hire a candidate for the role this article will surely come in handy to you. As it carries all entire product owner-related concept questions that can help you in the interview.

1. Could Product Owner and Scrum Master be the same?

2. What are the basic responsibilities of a Product Owner?

3. As a Product Owner, how will you prioritize your product backlog items?

4. Specify the characteristics of a good user story?

5. Do Product Owners write user stories and provide them to a team?

6. Is the product owner part of the story grooming and estimation discussion?

7. What will the product owner focus on, Upcoming sprint items or current sprint?

8. What is ‘Definition of Done’ and who creates it?

9. Is Definition of Done similar to Definition of Ready?

10. How Burn a down chart helps the product owner track the progress of the team?

11. Can the same person be Product Owners for more than a single team?

12. What is an acceptance criterion and who sets it?

13. Can a team have more than one Product Owner?

14. Does the Product Owner have the authority to cancel the sprint?

15. What happens to ‘Done’ product backlog items when the sprint is canceled?

16. What will you do as a product owner to the items which are not completed until the sprint end?

17. Who can be a Product Owner?

18 Does the product owner set sprint goals?

19. Is it the product owner’s responsibility to track the team’s progress?

20. What is Proxy Product Owner and how do they differ from Product Owners?

21. What do Proxy owners do and how much authority do they have?

22. Who will you consider a good product owner?

23. What is an Increment, explain with an example?

24. How product owner will collaborate with the scrum master?

25. Why are the product owners and scrum master collaboration important?

26. Why does agile focus on design early in the project?

27. What is the variation between a Product Owner and a Product Manager role?

28. Name some characteristics of product backlog items?

29. Explain Agile Modeling?

30. What is a product roadmap?

31. Define the Cone of uncertainty?

32. What does product backlog refinement mean?

33. What should be your relationship with stakeholders as a product owner?

34. While redesigning a product what considerations should be taken into account by you as a product owner?

35. Why for a product owner it is necessary to have a product vision, explain?

36. Explain backlog prioritization and why is it important?

37. When a stakeholder is uncooperative how will you deal with them?

38. What will you do when as a product owner when you are not able to control product backlog?

39. What are your requirements from a stakeholder to set up an acceptance criterion?

40. Is having an Agile mindset important for product owners, if yes then how?

These questions will surely help you understand what exactly you need to crack the interview. These are the frequently asked questions for the Product Owner post. These questions apply to the fresher as well as an experienced person in the interview.

If have any fear of an interview go through our articles where you can get the answers to the above questions and crack your interview with ease without worry.



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