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Fixing Bad Attitude of Teammates as Scrum Master

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

“One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.”

Does anyone come to mind after reading the title?


Many times being a leader has to face situations in a team having any one person a bad attitude which may spoil the complete team's interest whether it is in a meeting or for the complete project. As a scrum master, it becomes your responsibility to convey and improve that person’s attitude which seems like a difficult task to do.

Everyone is happy as in Disney land when gets a new team. But as time passes you observe that there is a person who brings a dark cloud to work every time. This negativity affects others in a somewhat manner and destroys your enthusiasm to bring teams to newer performing levels. Even if you try to ignore their attitude every time you see that their bad attitude in every situation is damaging the team. One person bad attitude in the team will give results as

Their bad attitude affects the complete workplace and even others may start behaving the same.

This shows an impact on the team’s productivity.

The other sincere teammates may change the team or even the company due to the bad environment around them.

The team will have a bad impact on higher management if words get out affecting team performance.

Sometimes even the successful team member or silent ones have a bad attitude. Some identification tips to know the bad influencer in your team.

  • They undermine management authority and criticize decisions.

  • They cause tension within a team by gossiping about other team members or management.

  • They exaggerate problems or mistakes more when it is not of theirs.

  • They complain regularly about their work, colleagues, or management.

Removing such a person from the group is not the solution to this issue. But it needs to be fixed and help that person to become part of the team wholeheartedly. No person will change his attitude on the recommendation of any other person. So it is of no use to say to anyone about changing their attitude even if it is affecting the team. The best way to change people's attitudes is explained with a quote “If you want to change attitudes, start with a behavior change.”

Now we will see some strategies to fix such attitudes

Speak with them one to one
Scrum master

When you observe anyone's bad attitude make sure you don’t pinpoint it between team members. First, you observe what behavior makes their attitude look bad. Then have a one-to-one with them alone. Where you will let them know what are behavioral changes they should make to improve their performance and to be much likable to others. While this one to one keeps below points in mind.

  • Make them feel comfortable before discussing the issue as further the discussion will get more awkward.

  • Keep the discussion productive and resulting, strictly avoid making it personal.

  • Be specific about what bad behavior you want them to change.

  • Understand what they want to say. Also, put yourself in their shoes to understand the situation much better instead of being judgmental.

  • Give them time to think about what you said to them and don’t expect a fast-forward result.

Encourage Attitude Adjustment
scrum master

Along with job performance, you must also focus on the team's other values including their behavior at the workplace. To make a high-performing employee there must also be criteria about what attitude they bring at work. Tips to achieve such objectives are as below

Provide Examples- Prior mention in a team with an example of what will be considered as bad behavior or attitude. So that they will be sure of what needs to avoid.

Provide Recognition- Give recognition to well-performing members mentioning their good attitude.

Give Feedback Regularly- Check and provide regular feedback to employees for their working ways and other attitudes at work. This will help build their confidence as well as will keep them checked on their behavior.

Focus on Bigger Pictures
teammates as scrum master

Even the well-performing member can have a bad attitude. But favoring their behavior only because they bring results will harm your team in the long run so make sure you look beyond the short success and look at the bigger picture. Make sure you work as a scrum master without being biased in any condition. A scrum master must keep in mind that, behavior and attitude towards others represent your personality.

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