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Every Company Is A Software Company

Change is hard. But changes in digital adaptation are even more difficult to internalize. Digital is a new norm. Digital is also disruption. It may be more evident in some sectors but no industry is immune to this trend. The day is still away where leaders and employees of a company do see their company as inherently software. The challenge lies in how companies and states are rethinking their activities in the digital era. It’s not just buying technology. It is about putting it at the very heart of everything that they do. If new-age companies do not adapt they are doomed. Software multiplies the productivity of digitally advanced companies dramatically. However, due to reluctance for change and difficulties in bringing together technological talent, this is far from easy to put into action.

From being neutral, Software has come a long way. It is used in every industry as the main strategic weapon. It works as an enabler in identifying new streams of revenue, in drastically reducing costs, in increasing efficiency, in reducing response time, and in enhancing customer experience.

An organization’s successful transformations depend on it being an Early Adopter. Transformation is more than change and Digital Transformation is even more so. It is used to inherit all the knowledge accumulated during change management.

Software is both an end in itself as well as a means to others' end. It is the quintessential source of innovation, quality, competitiveness, and agility of companies. If you are a service organization the software may coordinate the entire workflow, manage customer service, build loyalty or manage the treasury. If it is an industrial business, the software may oversee the acquisition, production, marketing, and distribution. When 95% of the business is supported by the software, the business becomes the software business.

And digital transformation has more to offer than just to serve the business. The software is being catapulted at the center of the business, at the heart of the organization’s activity. Business and software have become inseparable in today’s realm. The software covers every area of business, it has become integral to a company’s operation. The pace at which software and business change is almost identical.

There are no areas of the business that are not covered by the software, nor software features that are not required by the business. The pace of software and business change is identical and very high.

Bookstores globally felt the heat with Amazon. Opportunities in the digital economy are at their peak. And they are accessible and more open and on a global scale. A new entrant has the same edge as does the legacy player and the former can pose a serious threat to the established players. The absence of barriers to expansion and the scale of digital makes it very difficult to be safe anymore.

The key then is to merge business with software in a way that is truly synchronized and transformative.

Do get back to us if you are looking at a lean, agile, and truly transformative future for your organization.



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