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Epic Owner of SAFe

"Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions."

When you have a great idea and it’s about how to implement the idea at large-scale organizations?

Today, we will be discussing the same in this article that is an epic owner in SAFe. An Epic is an ampule for a major solution development initiative that seizures the more substantial investments that occur within a portfolio. Epic owners are the coordinating portfolio epics through the portfolio system. The epic owner role sits at the portfolio tier of agile release train i.e on the SAFe.

They will be firstly responsible for recognizing a need for anything for an organization. They are responsible for creating epics that have economic and business values. Secondly, once the epic is approved that has to work directly with solution train and ART defining features and capabilities.

One epic owner can work on more than a single epic at a time or a single one as per the requirement. They are considered to be collaborating with several disciples at a challenging time. The collaboration meet with the epic owner is as follows:

  • Product Management-Epic Owner- collaborates to split and then prioritize the epic in features.

  • Release Train Engineer- Epic Owner- collaborates for planning and execution of agile release train.

  • Agile Team- Epic Owner- collaborates for research activities for supporting fact insights.

  • Business Stakeholders-Epic Owner- collaborates to understand the value, worth, and business benefits of epic.

  • Development Team- Epic Owner- collaborates for prioritizing of tasks as per time requirement and importance as per delivery pipeline.

The epic owner is not just considered as a job title in SAFe rather it is a responsibility. By learning about the details and responsibilities of the Epic owner let’s understand why it is considered more of a responsibility.

Early responsibilities of preparing the Epic

  • They have to work with business stakeholders and experts in the respective subject to define and create an epic using the ‘epic hypothesis statement’

  • They need to develop the cost estimation for participating in budgeting by working with the internal team and external suppliers.

  • Size the epic by operating with an internal team.

  • They need to provide input for economic prioritization based on the weighted shortest job first, lean business case, and other related factors.

  • Creating lean business case and directing epic through Portfolio Kanban System.

  • Prepare to present a lean business case in front of Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) for approval and denial decision.

Presenting Epic

Once all the preparations are completed Epic Owner has to present the epic or business case by explaining and communicating its merits to LPM for approval. While presenting the merits Epic owner must be aware to present the specific epic merits, securing the knowledge that the discussion form the foundation of LPM will ensure the portfolio is making optimal investment choices.

Implementing the Epic after approval

  • Once the approval for epic is granted epic owner is concerned with the below responsibilities.

  • Decompose epic into features and capabilities and prioritize backlog items in their respective programs and solution backlogs by working with product and solution management and system and solution engineers.

  • Actively participate in events like Program Increment (PI) planning, system demo, solution demo where critical activity is related to epic.

  • Perform research spikes, create proofs on concepts, mock-ups, etc. by collaborating with the Agile Team.

  • Align and coordinate epic-related activities with other departments as sales, marketing, and other business units.

  • Understand and review the progress of the epic.

  • Report the reviewed progress of epic MVP with stakeholders and LPM.

  • Assist as per need, to implement epic through the continuous delivery pipeline and release on demand.

Epic owner responsibilities are only considered completed when the epic is not an LPM concern and ART has integrated the epic in their work not requiring epic owner value addition. About Advance Agility

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