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Customer’s Journey Map in Agile

Updated: Apr 14

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”

Customer is the main focus of every business. In agile we have seen how our agile technology and processes are customer-oriented where we try to achieve insight into customer thought. But only knowing the surface of customers' needs and requirements will not provide our customers the satisfaction they need from products and services. Achieving customer satisfaction thoroughly and overall success requires understanding and analyzing the customer’s needs and requirements. It is not easy to understand customers by just interacting with them. We need to understand the mind of the customer and how they act.

But how we can cover up this pain point and understand the customer’s mind.? To read this and know the customer's point of view better agile uses customer's journey mapping.

customer journey mapping

Journey mapping is a process where you will know of customers' road or path they took in the entire process of a product, from gaining recognition of the product to its usage and complete lifetime. The journey map of a customer starts from the very start point of being your customer, which means the point from where customers get to know about your brand.

Let’s learn about the customer journey and its mapping in this article.

Customer Journey

It is a road or path a customer takes when using a particular product or service. It highlights how a customer comes to know about your service, product, or brand and their interaction with the products. It defines the complete experience of being a customer.

Knowing and working with customer journey is important in today’s business as a single negative step or experience can decline your brand value and reputation.

Customer Journey Mapping

It is a visual map created showing the organization how a customer interacts with their product throughout the journey. It is different than creating a customer persona as a customer persona works on understanding the target audient while building the product. But they don’t dictate the customers' experience after using the particular service or product.

Even in agile, there are various processes and frameworks, to know which suits you better is the task. In many organizations, customer journey mapping is a regular exercise that also helps in understanding your customer and finding the best fit of Agile for you.

Along with digital tools, stick notes, and whiteboard drawings, it includes customer process flow which involves account status inquiries, completed payments, etcetera.

In customer journey mapping you need to map both the current and future state of the customer journey. While starting the journey mapping you must know where you are going and where is the endpoint.

  • Iteration

Even though you need to map a realistic current state and then an ideal future state it should not be completed in a single state. As the difference in both realistic and ideal states is significant it will take some time and coordination of changes. This difference can be completed with iteration, defining every small change in a single iteration. Every step in iteration will take the organization closer to its ideal state.

  • Data-Driven

When going with data we see that our findings are diverse and that it is not possible to reach a common point as every customer has a slightly different preference. To reach a common understanding first gather concepts and group similar reasoning, reactions, and guiding principles. Once completed write down a summary for every group.

  • Framework

Using the above summary and putting it in different themes like a positive and negative summary or summaries that convey the same concept, pattern, or idea it will make the journey mapping a lot easier.

Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping
  • With the use of visualization, you can provide customers with an omnichannel and personalized experience.

  • It enables the customer onboarding process.

  • It helps in understanding the buyer’s person while selling.

  • It allows for creating a logical order for the buyer’s journey.

Other than these basic benefits it also allows some other advantages as

  • It helps the organization to improve the customer experience as you will be able to understand customers’ mindsets and thought processes more precisely in every step of their journey.

  • Every department has a final goal of improving customer experience and satisfaction even though the objectives are different but the customer journey map is able for every department to take what it requires to complete their objectives. The customer journey map aligns the team members to their goals locating everyone on the same page.

  • It helps an organization to track, monitor, analyze, and improve the customer’s pain point.

“Get closer than ever to your customer. So close, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

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