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Customer-Centric with Agile Mindset

Updated: Apr 14

“Focusing on customers makes a company more resilient.”

customer centric

Every business knows the value of a customer in this business world. But it’s not necessary always that they put customers at the main point of their businesses. When the company puts customers at the center there are lots of examples to prove to them those have successfully flourished. It satisfies customers, engages employee more, and also generate profit. But having the customer at the center is not enough when it comes to agile businesses they are always a step forward from the traditional way. Agile always prefer having a customer-centric mindset in their businesses. In agile business complete product solutions are designed and thought with a deep understanding of the customers’ requirements and needs.

With a customer-centric agile mindset, the agile enterprise decides by wholly considering the result of the product or services effects it will provide to its customers. This agile mindset customer-centric will motivate every scrum master, agile coach, manager, executive, and team member to

  • Keep the focus on the customer of complete enterprise.

  • Thoroughly understand the customer’s needs by investing extra time to find the needs and requirements beyond what the customer says.

  • They put themselves in the shoes of a customer and work with their perspective to provide satisfaction to customers.

  • They provide customers with complete solution designs.

  • They try to create long-term relations with customers instead of being a shot-sited person.

In agile, the design of a product is not only to keep the customer at the center to understand their need and requirement but also to apply empathic design throughout the process from start to end. Empathic design let the team member work with the mindset of a customer including their workplace, emotional and physical needs, and seeing the world from their perspective. While doing so team members try to address

  • Emotional and aesthetic needs

  • Impact of solution it will have on related group

  • Understands the effect of solution impact on solution context

  • Its ergonomics needs

  • Provide product attributes that are essential in a product even if not asked by customers

  • Architecting the process as per the need of the customers

Agile mindset

The customers are engaged in this agile mindset through two types of degrees:

1. General solution

As the name itself suggest in such a solution one single customer represents the whole market but, addresses the need of the broader market. In such a solution the responsibility of product and solution management is to be an indirect customer proxy. So they are the ones to ensure that the voice of the customers is heard during every process step. They also ensure that the organization continuously confirms new ideas. An example includes customer purchasing CRM.

2. Customer Build Solutions

Whereas, in customer build solutions, solutions are designed and built for a specific customer group. In such engagement customers along with product and solution management collaborate on a design. In this solution generation, the plans can be adjusted based on the best available data in agile teams. An example of a customer build solution is the government purchasing defense system.

Other than these two main customer engaging degrees there are also some of the others including which are;

  • Deep and narrow solution

This lies between the general and customer build solution. It includes the customers who pay a significant amount for these solutions. Customers are though small in number. In this agile management must leverage familiarity with their customers. Its example includes a stadium of 50000 seats serving 400 customers.

  • Multi-segment solution

In these, the solution is used in various ways by various customers. It includes an understanding of each segment's customers’ needs even if they serve in different segments. An example includes a software company serving different customers with their applications.

While serving every unique customer and creating a product and service for everyone with a different motive is a new way of working in agile. This required dedication and motivation which is provided to the team members by a customer-centric mindset in agile.

Agile believes that “customer experience needs to be competence, not a function. The end game is to have a customer-centric culture and a set of customer-centric processes, at which point customer-centric becomes self-sustaining.” The agile mindset tries to culture of customer-centric and design thinking mindset and makes the business more flourishing and self-sustaining with ever-changing time.

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