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Technology has entered our life and provided us several benefits. Technological devices have become an essential part of our life whether it is for work, studies or leisure. Everyone uses computers, smartphones, lights, and hoovers.

Earlier people would have asked what a light bulb had to do with the Digital World, but as we can see today, all electronic devices can be controlled via an internet connection. Artificial Intelligence and Smart technology are changing the way we engage with everyday tasks.

From voice control devices to smart toilets, lights, and beds technology is everywhere. Technology and the digital world have definitely changed the way of living because we are completely dependent on them.

Digital technology has advanced more rapidly than any other innovation and helps to transform societies. In the health sector, Artificial Intelligence enabled frontier technologies to help to diagnose the disease and save the lives of the patients. In the education field, distance learning and virtual learning help children to study easily. Now people can shop easily because they are inclined towards a cashless society. Money can be transferred instantly without any hassle.

We are surrounded by digital technologies from everywhere. Today a click is enough to read a newspaper or any news source from anywhere in the world. The digital world and technology have brought many major changes throughout society and driven it forward from the industrial age to the networked era.

Due to growing technology and its impact on the digital world people start living smarter. Rising technology also outgrows our expectations every day. The basic thing is that your mobile phone has numerous features to make your work easier. You can listen to music, pay bills, place orders, get directions, get the weather forecast, monitor your own health, and connect to the world with just a few clicks. Its advancement has changed the way of living and working.

Technology is powering your phone and allowing you to connect to the internet without any physical cable. All these technologies make your experience easy using mobile phones.


  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is doing numerous things to shape the digital world. It powers the autocomplete feature on your phone. It also can recognize your face in a photo. AI helps to provide you with recommendations when you are buying clothes, furniture, and other items online. From autonomous vehicles and robots to voice assistants and shopping bots, AI powers a huge variety of applications. AI has a bright future because it will help every company and every employee to work smarter faster and become more productive.

  • Blockchain Application

It is a way of sharing data in a way that everyone can see the same data. It also ensures that no change can occur in the data without everyone knowing who made the changes. No single user can control blockchain applications and this is the major reason this technology builds trust between two parties even if they don’t know each other. Bitcoin is one of the examples of blockchain applications because it is a digital currency with a public ledger for all transactions. Apart from digital currency blockchain technology can also handle transactions that are computer coded which include:

· Votes

· Driver’s license

· Insurance claims

· Real estate title

  • New Computational Technologies

Nowadays computers are getting faster and smarter. Most of the work of an individual is completed by the computer efficiently. Quantum computing is providing the possibilities of creating computer systems that are more powerful and smarter than the current ones. Nowadays computers store information as 0s or 1s but quantum computers use qubits or quantum bits to encode information as 1s, 0s, or in both at the same time. That’s why quantum computers are more efficient because they represent multiple values at the same time and calculate things millions of times faster than the normal computer.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is something very revolutionized because it provides a digital experience that imitates the real world. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are different from each other because VR allows us to explore virtual reality and AR merges the digital and physical worlds. AR applications allow training or working on expensive objects. The basic example of AR is an architect experimenting with the interior design of a building. Believe it or not but AR and VR will reshape the future and people will wear more devices that mix the virtual world with the physical world.

Final Words

In the coming years, we will be witnessing several game-changing technology trends. Some of the trends will slowly make a way around us or some others will change the

way we live, work, and connect. The modernization in the digital world will give us lots of new opportunities and benefits.

Now people don’t have to work harder, they can work smarter with numerous technologies available for them.



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