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Agile and Mental Health

Updated: Apr 2

The three-pronged approach for developing mental health is thoughts, behavior, and emotions. That means irrational thoughts need to be replaced by realistic ones. Acting in a good way by understanding situations and having a higher EQ means not getting controlled by feelings but understanding them and controlling them.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, we have gone through all these concepts in agile. Agile is not only a methodology used to change processes; it involves the development of a complete individual-to-individual scaling up of an organization. By refusing to go with the traditional way of working, where only higher management are the ones who take decisions and others follow them without questioning. Agile has started a new way of working where everyone has their share of decision making and their contribution other than only physical work.

Agile has begun involving and explaining the proper way to handle emotions, mental power, and physical strength to improve a person's productivity, efficiency, and well-being. Agile concepts and processes not only help individuals to improve at work; these habits and concepts, if followed, will also help them in their day-to-day life.

Other than through agile concepts, there are various ways in which you can improve your mental health. As Agile always encouraged various concepts for improving a person’s personality, many take it in the wrong way and implement any concept, considering it the right way to improve mental health. In today’s article, we will talk about some realistic techniques to improve your mental health and mental agility.


Avoid feeling sorry for yourself

Everyone deserves success, but missing it and seeing someone else get what they need aggravates many people, who often feel sorry for themselves. But mentally strong people avoid this feeling of being sorry or that they owe the world, resenting others, and focus their time on doing good deeds continuously.

They know that self-pity is the most addictive and disconnects them from reality, just wasting their time. Instead of focusing on what they missed, they focus on what they got and have gratitude for their actions, which further improves their mental health.

Don’t Let Go of Control Over Your Life

Many times, people's actions or words affect your feelings, making you think, feel, and react in a way you shouldn’t. A person sometimes thinks that their life is out of control. This limits your ability to disrupt life and success. Mentally strong people are well aware of this fact and keep a check on their power over themselves. They don’t get affected by others as well as their feelings and opinions unless it’s useful for them for their growth.

Don’t Shy Away from Change

People are frequently affected by or dwell on their past or the legacy of their families, making it an obstacle in their way of growth or accepting reality. This affects their way of working as it makes it hard for them to accept the change. Mentally strong people are always ready to accept the change that brings positivity to their work and life.

Don’t be Afraid of Failure

Many are afraid of taking risks due to fear of failure. This makes them weak in decision making, which is essential in agility. Taking calculated risks and failing makes you mentally stronger. Just open for new opportunities and make sure not to make the same mistakes repeatedly. Failure is a stepping stone, so it’s okay to fail. Experience makes you wiser but taking a step to be prepared with the required skills is the key.

Don’t Fear Being Alone

Humans are social animals. In everyday life, they are surrounded by noise and people. Most people feel frightened or uncomfortable by being alone and try to fill that silence again with some noise. Strong people understand that alone time spent with themselves helps rejuvenate, renew, reflect and inspire them. They find time, at least for 10 minutes, to be with themselves and their emotions and decide their further path.

Don’t Expect Unrealistic and Immediate Results

Most of the time, we find people starting to achieve their goals but giving up in between or near the end. This happens due to unrealistic goals or not having a complete idea of the required effort. To be mentally strong, it is required to set realistic expectations and follow them. This can be achieved by accepting the path to success will be uneven. Don’t fix an exact deadline; it’s good to have around time but not exact, and don't anticipate achieving goals will change life drastically.

When an individual follows these tips to be mentally strong along with agile processes, they can highly achieve respect, success, and better opportunities in every possible aspect and help improve their personality, making them face every life situation calmly.

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