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7 Tips to Pass the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Exam

Updated: Apr 13

The SAFe scrum master has a primary responsibility to help agile teams with implementing SAFe principles, build high-performing teams, and uncover common anti-patterns. Possessing certain qualities like honesty while dealing with colleagues, empathy with better listening skills, resolving conflicts, and good communication skills makes you a great scrum master to support an organization in improving business agility. But coming from different backgrounds, what makes a scrum master a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master in influencing members of an agile team? Well, by levelling themselves with certification courses that improve their leadership quality as a Scrum Master.

Any agile professional who wants to level up their career goals as an Advanced Scrum Master can attend Scrum Master courses to qualify for exams that are in demand and known to provide certain tactical skills needed to become an effective SAFe Advanced scrum master. These courses prepare you as an advance Scrum Master to teach other team members about significant aspects of the SAFe framework.

In this article, let’s learn more about what is a Scrum Master exam and steps to clear the SAFe Advanced scrum master exam to become a certified SAFe Scrum Master.

What is the SAFe Advanced scrum master exam?

The SAFe Advanced scrum master exam is to test candidates’ knowledge regarding the SAFe framework and evaluates their ability to apply it in real situations as a Scrum Master. This test is to assess the candidate’s understanding of scrum principles, scrum events, and scrum methodology which is highly adopted by organizations throughout the world to improve their product delivery process.

Here are some benefits of clearing the scrum master exam:

  1. Agile professionals who are already practicing as a Scrum Master in a SAFe organization can upskill themselves by attending the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master exam to continue delivering value for the organization they work for.

  2. Attendees who qualify SAFe Advanced scrum master exam are considered to possess good coaching skills, and facilitating abilities, and apply Lean, Kanban, DevOps, and SAFe principles to build high-performing teams.

7 tips to pass the SAFe Advanced scrum master (SASM) exam

The SASM is the highest level of certification course that requires a better understanding of the Scrum frameworks and SAFe principles. To assist you with the preparation, here are some tips to clear the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master test to become efficient so that you can assist a Certified SAFe Program Consultant of an organization.

  1. Exam Format: Have a clear understanding of the exam format. You will be provided with 90 mins to solve 60 multiple-choice questions.

  2. Learning Objectives: To fill the gaps in your preparation strategy, review the learning objectives to have a clear study of the required topics.

  3. The Scrum Guide: This is the official source of information for Scrum to learn about Scrum’s principles and processes.

  4. Joining study groups: You can join other scrum master groups preparing for the same exam that you do to share study materials, stay motivated, and learn from each other.

  5. Have a coach: A coach can guide you to prepare in the best way to clear the SASM exam.

  6. Practice questions: The best way to prepare for any exam is to practice exam questions to identify areas in which you lack knowledge.

  7. Taking a SAFe framework course: Well-regarded courses like Certified Scrum Master can help you to clear the SASM exam to become a Certified SAFe Scrum Master.

How long will it take to clear the SASM exam and what is the required percentage of quality?

To become a more proficient Scrum Master, you need to qualify for the exam which you will attend after a 2-day workshop that teaches you everything about the Advanced Scrum concepts. After that, you will be provided with a link to take up the final exam. To clear the test, you need to obtain 73% which is giving 44 correct responses out of 60 questions.


Qualifying for the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master exam is not a cake walk but with dedication and the right preparation by following above mentioned simple steps, you can clear the exam with the necessary skillsets and knowledge to get accepted by organizations who might need your service as a Scrum Master.


1. What are the main roles of a SAFe Scrum Master?

By incorporating a Lean-Agile mindset, a SAFe Scrum Master can advance the adoption of SAFe principles by coaching stakeholders, and non-agile team members and supporting the SAFe Program Consultants (SPC) of an organization. Also fulfilling other critical responsibilities like improving flow, facilitating PI Planning, improving ART performance, and supporting Iteration Execution.

2. What are the characteristics of a Certified SAFe Scrum Master?

Being an empathetic listener himself, a Certified SAFe Scrum Master can help team members to change their mindset and encourage them to build a healthy relationship with each other that results in improving the collaboration and performance rate within the organization. Conflict navigation and being transparent are other important characteristics of a SAFe scrum master to resolve conflicts and detect anti-patterns to encourage a continuous learning mindset among the agile teams.

3. What are the dysfunctions that a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master needs to address?

A SAFe Scrum Master can assist with inattention to results, lack of commitments, avoidance of accountability, fear of conflict, and absence of trust. Also, a SAFe scrum master needs to justify needs according to the size of the enterprises. They might need to take positions with other duties as well.

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