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15 Secrets for Managing Your Time

Updated: Apr 2

When it comes to time management there are various strategies and tips available. Many use different hacks and ways to manage time. Many times these hacks and tips are forgotten or people don’t feel that useful. But something should be done for time management.

In agile we have seen many processes that are introduced to manage time like; giving decision-making power to team members for their issues, instead of centralized decision-making to reduce time in decision-making and processing.

Being agile people we always try to strive to be perfect, and hence try to manage our time correctly. There are various reasons that we strive for time management like to improve our productivity, save extra time for learning new skills and upgrading ourselves, get better at our tasks and get a ladder up in our role of responsibilities, or even relax etcetera.

Time management is always important, but going on using every hack and tip you get will not lead you anywhere. Today we will discuss the time management tips that are used by successful people so that we are sure of their authenticity and sure of its effect.

First, let’s see the important aspect of time management which is the Calendar.

The very important thing to manage your time is a calendar. Be sure of your important tasks beforehand and about the time required for every task. Be sure of what you add to your calendar, and also prepare a calendar a week before the day. What doesn’t make up your calendar is not so important or not required to be done. With the 15 tips mentioned below your time management for agility can be easily done.

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secrets for time management

Tips for Time Management Used By Successful People

1) Give Importance to Time

In agile, time and mindset are important aspects. It is wise to make time an important aspect of your life. Many believe that by using managing tools and tips they can manage time but what is most required is a shift in mindset. Know always that time is continuously changing once lost it cannot be regained. You have only a minimum set of minutes every day so use them wisely.

2) Properly Prioritize Tasks

Instead of getting confused with a lot many tasks in hand and going with easier ones. Select the most important and most impacting task first. Be sure that you are being productive instead of feeling productive.

3) Avoid Using To-Do-List

A to-do list helps in organizing your thoughts but to be agile you need to structure your day. So instead of going with a to-do list for being agile go with managing your calendar.

4) Overcome Procrastination

You need to stop procrastinating and be more motivated toward your work and understand your present and future before planning. Motivating and balancing the present and future will help you overcome procrastination.

5) Give Time For Things You Enjoy

Accept that you can not complete everything in a day. Schedule your task with priorities and get some time to enjoy the things you love.

6) Prefer Handwritten Notes

Writing involves active listening, recalling, and cognitive processing that will help exercise your brain muscles. Whereas, using digital tools will make work robotically. Writing down helps you conceptualize the ideas and find out the issues involved with them.

7) Reduce Your Email Inbox Time

Instead of going many times to your inbox and putting your time in it, go with checking it three times a day, and 21 minutes to make it zero.

8) Organize Meetings with Meeting Hacks

Meetings are time consumers, so better save time by giving prior agenda for team members to think about, avoid wasting time on trivial matters, and start meeting on time. Use well-known tools.

9) Be Sure of Where You Say Yes

Saying yes to anyone will steal your time or any other thing so be clear about where you are putting your time and saying yes to the task.

10) Utilize the 80/20 Rule

Prioritize tasks that give maximum impact first as explained in the 80/20 principle. The Pareto principle, or 80/20 rule, explains the importance of putting effort into the right things. The principle states that only 20% of your work helps you achieve 80% of results.

11) Outsource Tasks

Give trivial tasks to others wherever possible as this will give you more time for important ones.

12) Structure Your Week

If have various responsibilities theme them. Structure your weeks if there are different tasks to complete it will help you focus on one task at a time.

13) Take Actions

Instead of waiting for the perfect time go into action with available resources.

14) Get Energy from Your Mornings

Create empowering and energizing morning routine as a schedule to make your everyday agile as energized morning keeps your day energized.

15) Energy is Everything

Be healthy as every task require energy and that comes from a healthy body.

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