Wealth Management application testing

United States

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

1. 6-10 Years’ Experience.
Test Automation using selenium / java.
2. Knowledge of one programming language such as Java, Python, C# etc.
3. Communication and stakeholder management
Test Management
4. Have a background in Software Engineering
Either a Bachelors' or above in a Science field preferably in Software Engineering, Information systems etc.
5. Have at least three years of professional coding experience covering all facets of Software Development Life cycle (Requirements Gathering, Design, Development while Testing)
6. Can write idiomatic code in a mainstream OOP language such as Java, C# etc.
7. Strong foundation in Object Oriented and Functional Programming principles and experience with any of the relevant languages such as Scala, Kotlin, Closure etc.
8. Solid understanding of the Dependency Injection Pattern and other mainstream Enterprise Design patterns (DAO, Factory, MVC etc.)
9. Strong Test Driven Development experience
10. Can work with other Software Engineers and come up with recipes to write (if necessary) 
11. Unit tests using Mocking, Stubbing and other strategies
12. Integration tests within the layers of an Application (Example: Testing the integration between Controller, Service & DAO layers in an MVC architecture)
13. Refactor original source code based as necessary based on Unit tests
14. Can work with Product and Technical leaders to develop Quality assurance plans
15. Understands the right mix of types Testing needed - i.e Unit, Integration, Functional, API/Systems, Regression and Performance testing
16. Can refactor, improve and fix code quality issues
17. Have a good understanding of CI/CD principles, Git Flow strategies and Agile methodologies
18. Solid understanding of Database fundamentals (Data Normalization, Indexing strategies, Data Architecture, NoSQL databases)
19. Hands on in writing quality code and test cases
20. Able to  assist/write high level test strategies with input from the Dev Feature Lead and/or business and derives time estimates
21. Able to leverage automated testing solutions within the team and projects
22. Able to manage a small team of testers within local, onshore and offshore locations (with aid of QA manager)
23. Able to manage relationships with development and business stakeholders engage proactively with QA Manager regarding pro