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The Information You Need (FAQs)

Ques: What is the best course for beginners?
Ans: To explore SAFe Leading SAFe is the best course for beginners.

Ques: Is there any pre- requisite for attending any course?
Ans: Please refer course details page under heading 'SAFE' to view pre requisites for each course.

Ques: Are the courses remote?
Ans: Yes, all the courses are remote.

Ques: How are the trainings delivered?
Ans: The trainings are delivered virtually via zoom.

Ques: Which are the time zones in which we provide trainings?
Ans: We deliver trainings in 7 time zones - Amsterdam CET, Chicago CDT, Dubai GST, London GMT, Los Angeles PST, Mumbai IST, New York EST, Singapore SGT, Sydney AET covering most parts of the world.

Ques: What is the geographic location of trainers?
Ans: Our trainers are geographically spread across UK, USA, UAE and India.


Ques: What are the bonuses we provide?
Ans: On a regular interval, SAI may upgrade their version of SAFe. E.g. current version is 5.1 which is upgrading in February 2021. As soon as the SAFe version is upgraded you may be need to give exam again to keep your certificate up to date. We help you to take  the same training again for free if you need to upgrade to the latest certification. For more details on Bonuses refer to 'Free Bonuses' section on the website.

Ques: How to schedule a SAFe certification exam?
Ans: SAFe certification exam is online and can be taken from home. This test doesn't need to be scheduled advance in time, when ever you are ready you can login to your SAFe profile and click on the certification exam link to take the test.

Ques: What is the training fees for a SAFe certification?
Ans: The fees for most of the foundational SAFe courses is 699 USD. For specific course information you may refer to 'Book a course' section of the website.

Ques: When can I expect to receive the training information and the course material?
Ans: All the training information including the certification material is sent 2 days prior to the day of training.

Ques: What is the SAFe certification exam fees?
Ans: The exam fees ( 1 attempt to exam ) is included in the training fees. Scaled Agile conducts the SAFe certification exam. After you complete your training your profile at SAFe gets created. For details on training fees refer to ' Book a course' section of the website.

Ques: What is the eligibility to take the certification exam?
Ans: You are eligible to take the exam after you complete the 2/3 days training. You get 30-days window to take your test.

Ques: What is the certificate issue date after passing the exam?
Ans: As soon as you clear the exam you receive the certificate of completion on your registered email address.


Ques: Are there any taxes applicable on the training fees? If yes, which and how much?
Ans: The tax is only applicable on residents of UK. A 20% VAT is charged.


Ques: Does the exam fee include GST for applicants from India?
Ans: There is no GST for applicants from India.


Ques: What are the different payment options I can use to pay the fees?
Ans: You can pay for the course directly via Website. In case you are not able to do that you also do a direct bank transfer or even a PayPal payment.


Ques: Do we have an option to pay in INR?
Ans: Sorry, we don’t have an option to pay in INR yet, but we are working towards it.


Ques: What is the cancellation and refund policy?
Ans: Please click on


Ques: What is the validity of a SAFe certification?
Ans: The SAFe certification is valid for 1 year. After that each year, you need to renew your certification.

Ques: What is the process to renew a SAFe Certification?
Ans: In order to renew your certification,  you need to login to your SAFe profile there you will find a link to RENEW your certification by paying the renewal fees. You need to directly pay a certain minimal amount to Scaledagile for this process. Earlier this amount was $100 (USD), now this amount may have changed. To know more, you may write to


Ques: I took a SAFe Certification and want to include PDUs (Personal Development Unit) into my PMI account. How can I do that?
Ans: Please refer link to get PDUs for SAFe training in your PMI account.

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